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Psych 5/8/2009 ORGANIZED Another way that the brain is organized, is through information. Front to back o Temporal lobes Responsible for planning our thinking through information, organizing and analyzing information. o Paruetak o Occipital lobes o Frontal Homunculus “little man” o Frontal (motor) o Parietal (sensory) By excitation/inhibition: tourette syndrome. Contralaterally ( braing controls opposite side of body) Side to side: laternalization (two erebral hemispheres are someweaht specialized by function.) Possible specializations of the hemispsheres
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Unformatted text preview: o Left hemispshere Verbal, sequential, temporal, digital, logical, analytic, rational western thought. o Right hemisphere Nonverbal, visuospatial, simultaneious, spatial, analogic, gestalt, synthetic thought, intuitive thought, eastern thought. • But… o Lateralizations is difficult to document Split brain studies. • Corpus callosum. Used to explain our sense of self. Left brain labelilng what the right brain is doing. Left brain labeling what the right brain is experiencing. Reaction time studies •...
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