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Attriution and responsibility Attributions : we tend to give causal explanations for someones behaviors. Character is one explanation and In terms of the situation. FAE o Undamental attribution error o The tendency of observers, when analyzing another’s behavior, to underestimate the impact of a situation and to underestimate the impact of the personal dispositions. o Depends on perspective o Begin to receive a situation from the perspective of the other person. o Attributions is looking for causes. Personal responsibility for solution o Do you think that people cause their own mental disorders o Positive correlations exhist between just world bypothesis and a beliefe in God. that is the moral model Compository model o This one can make people quit o Humanistic theoroist tend to take this kind of model. Enlightment model o Person caused the problem and there isnt much that they can do about it. o This is the model that they use for AA and overeaters anonymous. Medical mode
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Unformatted text preview: o You did not cause the problem and there is nothing that we can do to cure it. o Psychoanalysis You made up the problem and you cant cure yourself but you need to go see a spet who will listen to you talk and they will find the conditions of yoru sickeness and through that youwill be taken cared of. Additudes shape actions and actions shape additudes. o Low ball techniques :new car dealers If you start out with a lower price and raise it, people are much more likely to purchase the item at the higher price. Getting yoru actions to change your attitudes. o Write it down technique Sign a contract then they are much more likely to be active in support of a position. Foot in the door technique (camels nose in the tent). Once their foot in the door it is difficult to say no. Ask parents for something lower level first and then ask them forr the higher level item. Zimbardo’s simulated prison experiment....
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  • Stanford prison experiment, Causality, Undamental attribution error, model Compository model, higher level item, Low ball techniques

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