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Conscienceness - • Dopamine • Serotonics • Ssrt –...

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Conscienceness Hypnosis: altered consciousness Near death experiences: stages o Feelings of peace and calm, looking down on the boyd; transition (movement through dark space, BRIGHT LIGH AT THE END OF TUNNEL), entering light. ESP o Extra sensory perception Sleep iq test o Learks or owls o Melatonin Has some side effects to it. Why sleep If you keep them from sleeping, they get crabby, miserable. Function of sleep o Rest o Growth, growth takes the most at night o People sleep 9-10 hours usally. Stages of sleep o Stage 4 is deep sleep. o Why dream Night terror o Not all that uncommon. Correlated with the stress that happens in their day. o Sleep disorders: Narcolepsy, klein Levin sundrome, insomnia. Brain and brain structure. o Neurons Synapses Neurotransmitters carry information.
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Unformatted text preview: • Dopamine • Serotonics • Ssrt – serotonin slow reuptake inhibitors. o One category for anti deppressents. The autonomics • Is voluntary o Two parts Sympathetic, arousing Parisatheics calms you down. Somatic • Voluntary also • The brain o The brain is very organized. o Front to back Forebarain: cerebral cortex. • Humans are the most different from animals. Midbrain • Limbic system o Amygdale Controls emotions, when we know that there is damage to this part, we know that their behavior is more eratic. o Hippcapmus Damage to this will result in a hard time remembering stuff. Could not remember anything. o Hypothalamus Controls eating, drinking, sex and anything else....
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