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developmental psych

developmental psych - Psych Social-Cognitive theorists and...

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Psych 5/11/2009 Social-Cognitive theorists and concepts Al bandura: perceived self efficacy Locus of control (internal/external) Julian Rotter Interpersonal trust Social cognitive therapy Not truly cognitive. “cognitive” behavioral therapy (CBT): o Addresses questions like “what do you think?” o Eating disorders are cultural. We have one of the highest rates of eating disorders. More modern learning concepts o Learned helplessness o Over justification Peoples justification for the acts. o Consideration of anticipated rewards. Theorists Major concepts Stages o There are no stages Motivation to grow and to change? o Yeah. Rewards Therapy o cbt Assumptions about the person o Of course. o The reward is the reason, rather then the interest. Everyday examples of behaviorism. o Reading in bed will condition you to stay awake in bed, hence why you might not be able to sleep in bed at times. Get out of bed and go read someplace else.
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