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Psychology - Thought and Knowledge1

Psychology - Thought and Knowledge1 - Thought and Knowledge...

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Thought and Knowledge Thinking and Problem Solving What does it mean to think? As a synonym for remembering As an indication of belief Thinking – The representation and processing of information in the mind. -Take in new information -perform operations on it, organize it, make it more coherent -Extract meaning Best analogies: Reason Ponder Reflecting Problem Solving Process of transforming one situation into another to meet a goal. Solving a puzzle Taking an exam Writing a play Getting a date Graduating from college Characteristics common to all problems: -initial state: description of unsolved problem -Operations or actions: mechanisms to get from the initial state to the goal state. -Goal State: description of what constitutes a solution. -Solution is not immediately obvious. It is a problem because you have to think about how to solve it. Problem Types: -Well defined problems: -initial state is clear; goal state is defined unambiguously -available operations are easily determined -Well-defined does not mean easy
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