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Psychology-Engineering Psych - Engineering Psychology...

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Engineering Psychology Definition: Human factors applies psychological principles and knowledge to engineering problems. Engineering – find a practical and economical solution to a problem. This may not include ‘thinking.’ Human Factors – intentionally considers -how people operate -in which environment they operate -what task they are performing practical, economical, AND usable Many names for related domains: Human factors psychology Human factors engineering Engineering psych Cognitive engineering Ergonomics Applied experimental psychology Industrial engineering Systems engineering Expertise of Psychologists -Scientific method, conducting experiments -knowledge about what people can/cannot do: -memory -sensation and perception, attn -language -thinking The beginning Taylor, Gilbreths Issue – wanted to increase the efficiency of workers Method – studied physical movements (time, direction), workflow -time motion studies
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Some results: -increased efficiency (saved time) -led to downsizing
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Psychology-Engineering Psych - Engineering Psychology...

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