HIST FINAL SG - HISTORY 20 Winter 2008 Professor Kiril...

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HISTORY 20 Winter 2008 Professor Kiril Tomoff FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE The first section of the final exam will consist of 12 of these roughly 65 terms, of which you will be asked to choose 8. It is of the utmost importance that you identify each of the terms that you choose and state the significance of the term to the major themes of the lecture in which the term was addressed and to the main themes of the course . The goal is not for you to show off your memorization skills but to demonstrate that you have learned some of the most important details associated with the course’s overarching themes and can relate the details to those themes. This portion of the exam will be worth 50% of the total. Truman Doctrine (or Harry S. Truman) Marshall Plan (or George C. Marshall) Warsaw Pact Cominform Great Leap Forward Peoples’ Communes Chinese Cultural Revolution GATT IMF Syngman Rhee Kim Il Sung National Congress Muslim League Communalism The Third World Jawaharlal Nehru French Community Ho Chi Minh Tet Offensive New Left Monroe Doctrine Cuban Missile Crisis Organization of American States Bay of Pigs Junta Bureaucratic Authoritarianism Dirty Wars French Algeria Angola Hutu Brezhnev Doctrine Thaw Alexander Dubcek Existentialism Michel Foucault Prague Spring Imre Nagy Arab League Zionism Suez Canal Crisis 6-Day War U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 The Five Pillars of Islam ‘Ulama’ Shari’a Imam Reformism (re: Islam) Sunni Shi’i Sufism Glasnost Perestroika Solidarity Velvet Revolution Andrei Zhdanov Mohandas Gandhi Gamal Abdel Nasser Frantz Fanon CIA Che Guevara Simone de Beauvoir A. I. Solzhenitsyn Andrei Sakharov Vaclav Havel
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The second section of the final exam will consist of an essay question that pertains specifically to issues covered since the midterm exam. One of the following three possible essay questions will appear on the
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HIST FINAL SG - HISTORY 20 Winter 2008 Professor Kiril...

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