third paper - Contemplating: All the gods are doin it. When...

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Contemplating: All the gods are doin’ it. When Plato’s Socrates was executed for impiety and corruption of the city, what he said would happen, happened. The city started to think, and think hard. Aristotle’s publications of the Metaphysics and the Nicomachean Ethics was the step towards contemplation and in depth thinking that would lead to the truth about impiety and the concern of philosophizing and the gods. Aristotle inadvertently defends Plato’s Socrates in accordance with the charge of impiety within these two works and allows us to the look at the divine in a different light. We can come to see where Plato’s Socrates was coming from, without ‘beating around the bush’ like Socrates was known to do. Aristotle takes a different approach that, surprisingly since it is philosophy, is a little bit easier to comprehend and decipher. Aristotle presents the matter of whether or not philosophizing is pious within the text found in the Nicomachean Ethics , “…such a life[life of contemplation] would be too high for humans for it is not in so far as one is human that one will live so, but in so far as something divine is present in him” (NE 10.7.3). This allows us to believe that anyone who lives a contemplative life is one step closer to being “like” the gods. And the way of the gods is that highest peak of contemplation; all knowing, and by contemplating we are living the lives that the gods would want us to live. In that, philosophizing is presented as being pious; in accordance with the gods, because we are trying to live in a way that the gods would live. Also Aristotle
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third paper - Contemplating: All the gods are doin it. When...

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