Essay#1 - Mike Tryba February 26, 2008 West & World II...

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Mike Tryba February 26, 2008 Britain’s Colonization of Africa There are many important aspects to the colonization of Africa, not only was it a source of power, but for Britain, control over Africa meant almost a world domination. With the addition of Africa colonies by 1921 Britain’s world population would be over 400 million. But acquiring Africa would not be easy as they planned. The British Empire was one of the strongest world powers from about the 15 th century on till about the late 20 th century. That was easy to see with Britain having colonies in almost every part of the continent including; North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and Europe. Their empire also covered about a quarter of the globe. Britain first acquired colonies in Africa in 1814 at the Congress of Vienna, at which European powers negotiated the end of Napoleons reign, and how the colonies should be split up. After 1820 thousands of Britain’s civilians arrived in their new colony of South Africa, and immediately demanded English Law upon the South Africans. In 1822 they made English the official language, and the workers of South Africa were given protection by Britain’s under labor laws of 1822, then in 1833 they abolished slavery. With new Britain’s laws and rulers, the previous residents were outraged and it
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Essay#1 - Mike Tryba February 26, 2008 West & World II...

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