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25 Points Pre-Lab4 – Boolean Logic Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to master the use of Relational Operators, Logical Functions and Conditional Logic as applied to problem solving. This lab also reinforces the concepts and techniques of using multiple worksheets and efficient spreadsheet design. Estimated Time to Complete: Pre-Lab: 1-4 hours, closed lab session: 1 hr. 48min – assignment to be distributed in class Note: As a learning tool, the formulas required at the beginning of this lab are given to you with an explanation of how they are used. As this lab progresses, you will be required to write your own Excel formulas. Also as a learning tool, the resulting values and spreadsheet are given so that you can immediately be aware of errors. In later sections of this lab and other subsequent labs, as in the business world, you will be “on your own” designing spreadsheets and writing formulas without prior knowledge of the correct outcome. Pre-Lab – to be completed before coming to Lab 1. COMPLETE Excel Chapter 2 exercise on pages 373-440 in your textbook. You will create the file Campus Clothiers Semiannual Financial Projection.xlsx. Follow the instructions to set up the printed output, but do not print . 2. COMPLETE the Steps to Success Chapter 4 Level 1 tasks starting on pages 710-711 of the text. The starting file PO527.xlsx is available on Carmen. Save the completed PO527 Credit Analysis.xlsx workbook to your Z:\windows\personal\lab4 directory. This file will be submitted at the beginning of your in-lab session. 3. COMPLETE the Chapter 4 Level 2 exercises starting on page 746 of the text. Create the new file PaintingEstimator.xlsx and save it to your Z:\windows\personal\lab4 directory. This file will be submitted at the beginning of your in-lab session. 4. COMPLETE Real Estate Problem . In this part of the lab you will be using spreadsheets to solve problems requiring Relational Expressions and Boolean Logic. A file named Realestate.xlsx has been prepared for you with information on a specific Broker’s sales in the nearby area. The spreadsheet lists the address of the property, city, number of bedrooms, asking price, and selling price. You will be asked to copy this file, fill in the remaining sections of the spreadsheet to ascertain if the property sold above asking price, if the property sold below 85% of the asking price etc. Copy the file Realestate.xlsx from Carmen to your personal directory. Name the new file realestate1.xlsx . Office 2007 Lab 4 1
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In the top section of the worksheet is a list of the property addresses, cities etc. You will be filling in columns F through J. In the bottom section there are summary questions which you will be asked to solve. Determine if a property sold above asking price
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prelab4 - CS&E 200 Winter 2008 CS&E 200 Pre-Lab4 Boolean...

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