Lab1 - CS&E 200 Spring 2008 CS&E 200 5 Points Lab Session...

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Figure Figure CSE p you with the login process. If it still does not work notify the Lab Instructor. ou will need to complete this lab at another time. Speak with your instructor regarding the deadline extension and how to contact him/her to and Lab consultant so you can complete the lab on your own. Login using your OSU username and password Figure 4 Figure 5 Type: into the Address bar Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 17 Figure 10 Figure 11A - Homepage Figure 11B - Content Figure 12 Z:\windows\personal Figure 14 Figure 15 the sub-directory listing for WINDOWS and then for Personal folders Figure 16 Figure 17 Submit tool icon – Add selected files here he Personal folder to view you saved files ct the appropriate assignment (Lab1) CS&E 200 – Spring 2008 CS&E 200 5 Points Lab Session 1: Getting Started, Using Webmail, Carmen Course Management Tool, Web Browsing, File Management Purpose: The purpose of this lab session is to familiarize you with the basic tools you will be using during this quarter. The lab will cover the following procedures and applications: logging into your lab computer , browsing the World Wide Web using Internet Explorer , saving files to your personal directory on CS&E’s computer network (Z:\windows\personal), using the Windows Explorer tool for file management, using Carmen Course Management Tool to find course materials and read discussion groups, and using the Submit Tool for submission of your completed work . Estimated Time to complete: Prep time: 1-2 hours – if unable to do prior to lab – be sure to read over the reading assignment after class. Closed lab session: 1hour 48 minutes . Please read before beginning lab #1 Structure of Lab Assignments : Each lab will consist of two parts – a Pre-lab assignment designed to prepare you for the lab, and an In-lab assignment, which expands and tests these skills. Files for both pre-lab and in-lab assignments must be submitted by the end of your lab session. Any issues regarding your lab attendance and/or completion of your assignments must be addressed to your Lab instructor (not the Lab Consultant). The Pre-lab assignment s for all labs can be found in your course notes, lab section. The pre-lab assignment for lab 1 is included in this document. Pre-lab assignments may include reading and/or step-by-step tutorials required as preparation for the in-lab assignment. The pre-lab assignment may also include problems to solve similar to those done in lecture, but executed on the computer. The pre-lab assignment also contains information pertaining to what book(s) will be required for the in-lab. Complete your pre-lab assignments before coming to lab. Pre-labs 2-10 may be worked on in any one of the CS&E labs as described in your course notes. Student consultants are available at specified times to help you with the labs. You may also work at home (pre-labs only) and e-mail yourself back the required files or burn a CD or use a jump drive. Make sure to verify file receipt before your lab session. The pre-lab assignment for lab 1 requires no file submissions.
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Lab1 - CS&E 200 Spring 2008 CS&E 200 5 Points Lab Session...

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