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01 Introduction

01 Introduction - Introduction April 2nd 2008 I...

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Introduction April 2 nd , 2008 I. Stereotyping and Prejudice a. Main Focus = PROCESS (not content) i. E.g. 1. How do they affect our behavior 2. How do they affect our perceptions 3. How do people use them (functions) ii. The processes are more or less the same, regardless of content b. Broad Approaches to Stereotyping and Prejudice i. Intrapsychic Motivations 1. The needs of the individual (function; psychodynamic approach) 2. Old-fashioned view: a. There are unconscious conflicts that are cause prejudice through a displacement of frustrations that come from them 3. Modern view: a. Everyone has certain motives that stereotypes/prejudice can fulfill ii. Sociocultural 1. Norms, roles, culture a. The types of beliefs, cognitions and attitudes that arise from social interaction with parents, peers, and media iii. Cognitive 1. Information processing, cognitive systems a. Regardless of motivations and cultural norms, there are aspects of the way our cognitive processes work that still make stereotyping/prejudice ubiquitous across cultures and time iv. Evolutionary
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1. The above mediators of stereotyping/prejudice came about from adaptation—they helped us to succeed in group living c. Distinguishing Individual Components (the ABC Model) i. A is for Affect Prejudice ii. B is for Behavior Discrimination iii. C is for Cognition Stereotyping 1. These components are not necessarily bound together within the same individual a. E.g., Many people are prejudiced, but do not necessarily discriminate II. Psychodynamic (Freudian) Approach
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01 Introduction - Introduction April 2nd 2008 I...

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