4.14.08 - Coasts

4.14.08 - Coasts - o Thermal expansion/contraction of H20...

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Coasts WAVE REFRACTION : As waves approach shore: Water depth variation causes differential slowing along each wave crest REFRACTION INFLUENCES EROSION AND DEPOSITION Wave crests parallel depth contours Headlands : Narrow wave spacing Wave paths converge High energy Erosion Bays : Wide wave spacing Wave paths diverge Low energy Deposition CONTROLS ON COASTLINE LOCATION : Sea-level changes: o Icecap volume changes o Seafloor spreading rate changes
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Unformatted text preview: o Thermal expansion/contraction of H20 • Land changes EFFECTS OF SEA-FLOOR SPREADING RATE Slow spreading : Fast spreading : Ocean crust sits low Ocean crust sits high Ocean basin volume larger Ocean basin volume smaller Water “spills” onto continents SEA-LEVEL CHANGES 3: THERMAL EXPANSION Calculated rate of sea level rise due to expansion of about 8 cm/°C...
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