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FINAL EXAM FOR 12-13 FALL 07 - Final Exam Version 8 DON'T...

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Final Exam Version 8 December 14, 2007 DON'T FORGET YOUR NAME: ________________________________ Part I: Major terms, People, and Controversies 20 points possible A. Brief Descriptions and Explanations –10 points possible Instructions: Using the lines below, explain the relevance and main facts regarding ALL FIVE of the following controversies, councils, heresies, and major figures. To get full credit for each term/name, you need to include: 1. relevant dates; 2. relevant definitions; and 3. significance/theological import 1. Pelagian Controversy, Pelagianism __________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Mani __________________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Athanasius _____________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Pelagius _______________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Cassian ________________________________________________________________________. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ B. Asceticism and Monasticism: Egypt and the West –10 points Instructions: Describe and explain the three main stages of the monastic and ascetical movements in Egypt. For full credit, you need to describe the following elements relevant to each stage. 1. events ; 2. major figures 3. regions 4. dates __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 7
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Final Exam Version 8 December 14, 2007 Part II: Questions on Creation, the Fall, and Redemption 60 points possible A. Objective questions from course notes – 20 points I. [Original Order] Mark as FALSE any of the following statements that aren't true humans and/or the cosmos in the original order : 1. _________the cosmos is where Humans lived but it had no value or significance of its own. 2. _________the cosmos facilitated the human relationship with God 3. _________there was a hylomorphic relationship between form and matter 4. _________the cosmos was part of the greater harmony of creation because the earth was a fruitful and abundant habitat 5. _________angels were superior to humans, lived among them on earth, and ruled the "kingdom of God on earth" 6. _________humans had intrinsic value because they were made with spirits and the body was a temporary holding place for life on earth 7. _________humans dwelled only in heaven as spirits 8. _________the goal of human life included love 9. _________the intellect is associated with the heart as the capacity capable of receiving God in unitive knowledge 10. _________humans were not bothered by the barren and desolate nature of the cosmos 11. _________the soul did not need the body because it was free from matter 12. _________the body was irrelevant to the happiness and life of the soul 13. _________because everything is ordered and has a purpose and place, and because their respective ends do not clash or compete, everything exists in harmony and is unified.
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