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1 Sample Multiple-choice Questions 1. Which actual social psychological finding best supports Zajonc’s argument that the mere presence of an audience increases the likelihood of the dominant response? a) Cockroaches run away from the light faster when they perform in pairs than when they perform alone. b) Participants “guessed” the nonsense words with which they were more familiar more often in the presence of an audience than in the presence of a blindfolded audience. *c) Participants were faster to put on their own shoes and socks when they were in the presence of a repairman than when they were alone waiting to start the experiment. d) Participants were faster to pee when they were surrounded by others in a busy lavatory than when they were alone in the restroom. 2. To have the experience that your conscious thought is the cause of your subsequent behavior, which of the following criteria need not be satisfied? a. the thought should occur just before the behavior b. the thought should be consistent with the behavior c. the thought should seem to be the exclusive cause of the behavior d. * the thought itself should seem consciously willed 3. Robert Zajonc proposed that one factor underlying social facilitation is arousal. Which of the following explanations has NOT been proposed as an explanation of why the presence of others causes arousal? a) Increased vigilance in the presence of others b) Evaluation apprehension c) Division of attentional resources d) *All of the above have been proposed as a reason for why the presence of others causes
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SampleQuestions&Answers - Sample Multiple-choice...

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