Chapter 6 - I II Chapter 6 Psychology of Sexual Assault...

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5.17.4 Chapter 6 – Psychology of Sexual Assault I) Rape – a term referring to forced penetration a. Sexual Assault – refers to more varied sexual acts that are forced without consent I) Demographics of Men Who Rape b. Rapists tend to be young (around age 25) c. Many men who rape exhibit a wide range of antisocial behavior d. Most rapists are deficient in social skills and intimacy and are often lonely II) Typologies of Men Who Rape e. Massachusetts Treatment Center Rapist Typology i. Influential Variables in Rapists 1. Aggression a. Instrumental/Strategic Violence – type of aggression used by rapists to gain victim compliance (little to no anger involved) b. Expressive/Nonstrategic Aggression – is used by rapists to hurt, humiliate, or degrade the victim in some way 2. Impulsivity – lifestyle impulsivity has been found to be a powerful predictor of an offender’s recidivism rate 3. Social Competence – sexual offender usually have poor social skills, especially when dealing with the opposite sex 4. Sexual Fantasies – fantasy is a necessary precursor to deviant sexual behavior and the degree these transfer to actual acts is affected by the person’s empathy for others 5. Sadism – sadistics often offend more frequently with people they have relationships with 6. Naïve Cognitions or Beliefs – offense justifying attitudes are common among rapists. These people often have hostile thoughts towards women and feel that they should be
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Chapter 6 - I II Chapter 6 Psychology of Sexual Assault...

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