Class Notes Week 3

Class Notes Week 3 - 3-10-04 I) Forensic Psych (Class...

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3.10.4 Forensic Psych (Class Notes) I) Criminal Profiling – helps to reduce the pool of possible suspects a. Crime Scene – information derived from the crime scene can tell us if the crime was organized or disorganized i. Organized – offense planned; victim is a targeted stranger (fits their preference and was stalked); personalizes victim (does something to have some sort of relationship with the victim); controlled the conversation with the victim (this fulfills certain fantasies); crime scene reflects over all control (handcuffs, rope, etc…); demands a submissive victim; restraints used; aggressive acts prior to death (bruising, shallow cuts, etc…); body is hidden away from crime scene; weapon/evidence absent from crime scene 1. Characteristics of a Organized Killer – Good intelligence; socially competent (not isolative or weird); skill work preferred; sexually competent; high birth order status (usually the oldest child); father was regularly employed; inconsistent childhood discipline; controlled mood during crime; use of alcohol with crime to help sedate them and keep them calm; precipitating situational stress before the start of their killings; living with a partner; follows media coverage of their crimes; may change jobs or leave
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Class Notes Week 3 - 3-10-04 I) Forensic Psych (Class...

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