1-31-05 muyskens, chambliss

1-31-05 muyskens, chambliss - 1/31/05 I) Muyskens...

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1/31/05 Muyskens – Collective and Individual Autonomy I) Introduction a. To go with the western faith in individual autonomy, the belief that everyone freely acts and is wholly responsible for their own behavior, people are thought to be less than sufficient unless they display heroism or sainthood when, for example, the system they are placed in doesn’t let them do what they need to do i. Comes from imagining that our power to resist persuasion is much more than it actually is b. When an individual does all that can be reasonably done, barring heroism or sainthood, and they still can’t fulfill all they are responsible or then it’s a problem with the collective, the system, the “way of life” and way things are done II) Two Claims of Collective Responsibility a. It is too much to blame the individual entirely, because their behavioral short-coming was not really the result of their choice in behavior b. The “way of life” explains the behavior better than the individual’s choosing does c. Is the group standard below what you would expect the collective standard to be III) Collective Responsibility a. Distributed – the responsibility of the collective is distributed among the individuals that make up the collective b. Non-distributed – the whole is not just the sum of all its parts, the collective takes on a “way of life”, a system, that then influences and governs the individuals i. The individuals themselves are changed because of the collective rather than the collective just mirroring the individuals ii. Individuals commit unethical things, even though they know it’s unethical, because so many
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1-31-05 muyskens, chambliss - 1/31/05 I) Muyskens...

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