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1/8/05 Weston Chapter 1 – 3 I) Mindful vs Feeling (habit) a. Weston wants us to believe that to act ethically we should all be mindful, but do our jobs always demand mindfulness or do we work ethically by just habit b. Mindfulness is the opposite of : i. Dogmatism – you don’t have to listen because you are right and everyone else is wrong 1. Problems : a. Easy – You so believe that you’re right that you cannot fathom that you could be wrong in any way, even in respect to contradictory evidence b. Hard – People only do what they think is right so dogmatism is in all of us and hard to break out of because we only really take in new views by integrating them through our own views, so people need to be aware of that subtle dogmatism ii. Relativism (prescriptive) – you don’t have to listen because everybody is right 1. Problems : a. The theory behind it is completely wrong, some views are more valid than others because if they weren’t you would not be able to argue against the wrongness of anyone’s views
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