11-19-05 mccormick, calahan

11-19-05 mccormick, calahan - 1-19-05 I) Natural Rights...

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1.19.5 Natural Rights View I) Autonomy – self-rule, self-determining a. Different form independence in that you’re doing more than just acting, it is self-legislating (taking into account views of world and self) and then acting on it while taking full responsibility i. Assumes the use of reason and understanding of consequences II) Natural Rights Tradition – all individuals are naturally endowed to life, liberty (autonomy) and property (pursuit of happiness a. Negative/Inalienable Rights – something no one can separate people from, they are innately endowed by the Creator i. Thus you don’t even have the right to separate yourself from those rights ii. But you can exchange some of one without inalienating yourself from it, like exchanging some liberty for more property and when you live somewhere you exchange some of your liberty (laws) and put some of your life in the states hands (capital punishment) for the property 1. Just because you give up some liberty and life doesn’t mean that you have lost the right to have those iii. But, you can never give them up entirely, you may never chose to be a slave or to die. Otherwise it would be contradictory to your very nature and be illogical b. All of these rights are limited to the extent that one does not exercise them to the extent that they’re infringing on others’ rights i. You resolve conflicts between them (like wanting the liberty to chose when to die over the right to have life) by determining limits and priorities 1. Cannot commit suicide because that not only violates your right to life, but also liberty and property c. The view is limited by how it looks too much at the individual and not enough at the social I) Landmark Cases in the Advancement of Liberty/Autonomy Over Life d. Karen Ann Quinlan
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11-19-05 mccormick, calahan - 1-19-05 I) Natural Rights...

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