Arendt Chapters 4-6

Arendt Chapters 4-6 - I Arendt Chapters 4 6 Eichmann uses...

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5.9.3 Arendt Chapters 4 – 6 I) Eichmann uses the Zionist perspective to explain his behavior in wanting to emigrate the Jews throughout his career and to show that he was a friend of the Jews a. When the plan turned to extermination he says that he lost all internal drive to do his work II) The Germans were nationalists and so the Zionists (in thinking everyone needs a nation belonging to them) was embarrassed by the notion and so by Eichmann III) Once Eichmann got power, he became self-important, wouldn’t let used-to-be friends come close to his desk or even sit down when addressing him IV) Eichmann didn’t remember many facts about what he did to the Jews because the business of expultation and extermination had become ordinary to him. Instead he remembered his own accomplishments in his job and occasions he’d shared with friends and higher ups V) Eichmann upon seeing the Jews suffer always said, on every occasion, that it was the most horrible thing he’d ever seen in his life
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