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Augustine III-13 III-18

Augustine III-13 III-18 - I Augustine III 13 18 Nature is...

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3.5.3 Augustine – III. 13 – 18 I) Nature is good because it can be corrupted and made less good so nature is God or is from God, because that’s what all good things are a. A flaw in one nature cannot corrupt another nature unless it to already has a flaw because the weaker cannot corrupt the stronger unless the stronger wills it, and if they do then they are already corrupt i. Corruption – something good becoming less good b. If corruption takes away all good then it cannot be corrupted any further, but that leads to the ridiculous notion that a good is made incorruptible when it has undergone corruption i. So everything is good as long as it has a nature and when nature is completely corrupted is is not a nature anymore (it is nothing) c. By condemning a flaw you are praising the nature that flaw has marked because you are unhappy that the nature has changed from its original self i. But that flaw would not be worthy of condemnation unless it were voluntary II) Nature = Substance
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