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3.25.3 Leibniz – 45 - 67 I) Freewill a. There is always a reason we do something b. Freewill is the inclination towards a choice, but it is not born out of necessity c. Freewill – freedom to do what one is inclined to do d. Inclination – our will to act on something good i. Total determination (necessity) – not freedom, because we could not choose any different 1. Necessitation – the cause comes exactly, in predictable from what caused it, and could be no different ii. Total Indetermination (arbitrary) – not freedom, just random 1. Free will is not random if it is just an arbitrary choice, not based in inclination, then it would not really be a choice at all, just a decision made by random chance iii. Freewill is somewhere in the middle 1. Freewill are the choices made because of seeing a potential good in possible actions a. If you want it, and you can get it, you will get it b. Ex – if you see an item of desire and have the poser to steal it, but don’t then you are must have been more inclined to be good or something then to possess the
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