Midterm EXAM Spring 2008

Midterm EXAM Spring 2008 - Midterm Exam Spring 2008 Your...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Exam Spring 2008 Your Name: ___________________________ Part I – Objective (25 points possible) Giant Multiple Choice : (10 points possible – ½ point each) • Put an X or next to each statement below that is accurate . • If it helps you keep track, you can put a line through every statement that is not accurate. • Also, if it helps you make sense of the statements, you can correct the statements by crossing out incorrect words or saying why you think it is inaccurate. 1. ______ In the Augustine reading, the term "ability" refers specifically to the ability to accomplish the good in action. 2. ______ Augustine and Pelagius agree on the meanings of the terms "ability," "will," and "action," they just don't agree on how much God assists each element. 3. ______ Augustine thinks that the combination of free will and intellect are the basis of human freedom. 4. ______ Augustine thinks that due to the fall, the will is not just tarnished, it is severely crippled. 5. ______ Augustine thinks that the products of human sin in the world inhibit human freedom substantially. 6. ______ Augustine thinks we are all created with the ability/power to know and choose the good. 7. ______ Augustine thinks if we know the good we will automatically prefer and choose it. 8. ______ Augustine thinks that the most important thing Christ/God does to help humans is to command them to love others. 9. ______ Augustine thinks that Christ's solution to human sin is to eliminate the intellect and will altogether so that choosing the good is inevitable. 10. ______ Augustine thinks that humans cannot save themselves. 11. ______ Augustine thinks humans are not responsible for their own personal sins. 12. ______ Augustine thinks that hope, love, and faith are pre-requisites for receiving God's love. 13. ______ Because Augustine agrees with Pelagius that God created humans with the power to choose between good and evil, he agrees with Pelagius' statement that: "since we are always capable of both [i.e. choosing good or evil], we are always free to do either." [real quote – no words changed] 14. ______ Augustine thinks that ability, the law and teaching, revelation, and Christ's examples do not come from God. Early Christian Writings – Spangler Page 1 of 4 Midterm Exam Spring 2008 15. ______ It is Pelagius who states that "the guilt of sin has no place in God's children." [real quote – no words changed] 16. ______ Nietzsche collapsed one day when he saw a horse being flogged and for the rest of his life he was clinically insane. 17. ______ For Nietzsche, life and the universe have no intrinsic meaning or purpose....
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Midterm EXAM Spring 2008 - Midterm Exam Spring 2008 Your...

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