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1.6.3 Class Notes – The Scientific Method I) Lab Research versus Field Research a. Field Research – done in real-world setting, where subjects usually aren’t aware of the experiment i. Advantages 1. randomization of subjects to conditions, and has control over the independent variable 2. Subjects are in their natural habitat ii. Disadvantages 1. difficult to control extraneous variables (confounds) 2. difficult to manipulate complex variables iii. Correlation – the natural relationship between two variables iv. For every correlations there are 3 possible explanations for the relationship : 1. A causes B 2. B causes A 3. 3 rd variable, Z influences both A and B v. Strength of correlations research – real world setting that can’t be manipulated in the lab vi. Weakness of correlations research – ambiguity of results; don’t know what the correlations mean vii. We want to establish whether there exists a causal relationship between the variables. This is the goal of science (can be done with lab research) b. Laboratory Research – used in about 2/3 of social psych research i. Theory – a set of principles that explain and predict observational events ii. Hypothesis – predictions used to test theories 1. predictions give direction to research 2. predictive feature of theories makes them very “practical”
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class - scientific method - I Class Notes The Scientific...

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