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Midterm 1 - SQ9 - Study Question#9 – People who visit San...

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Study Question #9 – People who visit San Francisco often encounter individuals, even families, standing on street corners asking those who pass by for food or money. Use material from your text and class discussion to explain why an individual might respond positively to such a request on one occasion and not on another. I) Define Prosocial Behavior : (egoistic/altruistic) A) Some people are motivated more to help because of feelings of empathy (compassion and tenderness triggered by distress of others) or feel personally distressed (anxious, fearful or helpless) when they see someone who is in dire need and so will help that person because of their compassion towards them or in order to relieve the tension that that person causes for them. II) Social Norms : (people act differently when they have different social norms activated in their mind) A) Reciprocity helping others because you’ve been helped (if they’ve recently been helped they might feel obligated to help this person to sort of balance out the universe) B) Social Responsibility
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