Chapter 4 - 3-17-03 I) Chapter 4 Social Structure and...

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3.17.3 Chapter 4 – Social Structure and Social Interaction I) Levels of Sociological Analysis a. Macrosociology – places the focus on broad features of society, examines the large-scale social forces that influence people i. Ex – social class and how groups relate to one another b. Microsociology – emphasis is placed on “social interaction”, what people do when they come together II) The Macrosociological Perspective c. Social Structure – typical patterns of a group that guide our behavior i. Social structure tends to override feelings and desires ii. Ex – college students are usually have a subdued manner in the classroom as opposed to high- school students d. Culture – a group’s language, beliefs, values, behaviors, gestures and material objects i. Broadest framework to determine what a person will become e. Social Class – groups of people that are similar in income, education, type of employment and prestige which influences attitudes, behaviors and beliefs f. Social Status – a position an individual occupies (who they are, where they work) i. Status Set – all statuses/positions that you occupy (ex – doctor, father, son, etc…) 1. Effects our actions (ex – doctors act differently then criminals) ii. Ascribed Status – involuntary status (ex – male/female, young/old) 1. Has to do mostly with old societies where you are born into a certain social role, the child learns and performs the jobs that their parents did (caste society) iii. Achieved Status – voluntary status (ex – teacher, mass-murderer)
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Chapter 4 - 3-17-03 I) Chapter 4 Social Structure and...

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