Manichee vs Christianity chart for group work - filled in

Manichee vs Christianity chart for group work - filled in -...

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Manichee vs. Christian Worldview Principles of Anthropology, Theology, and Cosmology This chart is filled in with the discussion comments made in both sections of this course. I synthesized it and added clarifications where necessary. If your notes have extra information, they are valid. COSMOLOGY Christian Manichee Matter : created good by God, subject to fallen state but not intrinsically evil Matter: unoriginate (i.e. has no origin or beginning, eternal), evil itself or pure evil power; not intelligent, not creative, unintelligible, unorganized, random movement; comes to be combined with light/soul as result of cosmic battle; the equal and opposite enemy of God/Light [ light/soul: like all creation, intrinsically good, soul is not equal to or the same thing as light, soul combines with matter to constitute created beings] light/soul: also unoriginate; also called "God", the equal opposite of Evil/Matter; Good, intelligent, creative, intelligible, organized, purposeful movement; gets combined with matter when sends "soul" to infiltrate matter; bits of it are trapped in matter which is a prison; has no "evil" in it Origin of cosmos : everything that exists that is not God is created by God – so cosmos is intrinsically good though fallen; cosmos consists of combination of soul and matter, both are good even if relationship damaged in fall Origin of cosmos: demiurge (creator) agent of God rounds up and organizes all matter using the creative/organizational power supplied by its trapped light particles (soul), product is cosmos consisting in: the earth – all matter with its trapped light; stars – almost pure light with a bit of matter; moon – fills up with purified light and waxing and waning turns to empty to sun; Sun – final place for light in the cosmos; dark fire – obliterated matter burns forever purpose is to serve as mining operation to retrieve trapped light Purpose & telos of cosmos: to facilitate contemplation of humans in original state; to facilitate progress of humans in fallen state, though also gets twisted in fall and can present obstacles; its purpose is also to just be what it is – an expression of God's own nature. Purpose & telos of cosmos: designed as weapon to free trapped light and send back to God; staging ground for retrieval like a refinery or mining operation; goal of cosmos is to ultimately destroy all matter or leave a lump of evil (Augustine says that because matter is unoriginate, has no beginning or end, and eternal, it can't be completely destroyed…) Order in cosmos: order due to God's self- expression as basis; ordered by God for purposes of harmony between creatures and Order in cosmos: since matter has no order or structure, only structure there is sustained by trapped light and put in place by the demiurge
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contemplation of humans; messed up in fall but disorder is not intrinsic to its nature, rather a result of fall that will be overcome by Christ redeemer (Lord of Creation) in the first place, as light is removed, matter
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Manichee vs Christianity chart for group work - filled in -...

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