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Religion and Ethnicity 3/6/08 Separation of church and State - Govt. separate form religion - Govt. not infringe on religion Religious Tolerance - About 1,500 religious entities in U.S. - Most under 1,000 memebers - Largest: Roman Catholic 66 M - Second largest: Baptist 16M Religious composition - Christian: 86% - All others: 7 % (Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.) - Nonreligious: 7 % Concentrations - Baptists: South (Baptist Colleges) - Seventh Day Adventists: Utah, Idaho and Arizona Ethnicity - Lutherans (96% white) - Buddhists (61 % Asian; 32 % White) - Roman Catholics (64 % white; 29 % Hispanic) - By 2050, majority will be Hispanic - Muslims (34 % Asian, 27 % Black, 15 % white; 10 % Hispanic) Gender and Religion - Women significantly involved - Generally in support positions - Not in leadership positions (14 % of clergy in 2000; up from 6 % in 1983) Social Class and Religion: 2000 Census - Percent Families Income over $25,000 ranges form 41 % to 62 % 3/11/08 American Indians - American Indian? - Native American? (Both generic Census terms, both appropriate, prefer tribe name, ask) Images of American Indians: Feathers (noble), trinkets (jewelry), casinos (savage), speak in mono-syllables; These images come from the media i.e. tv and film
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Who is an American Indian? - Based on ancestry: ¼ or ½ - Controlled by Tribes - U.S. Citizenship: granted in 1924 (AZ and NM held out: U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1948 they could not be prevented from voting) Indigenous People - Columbus was lost and through he was in India: thus calling the people “Indians” - These people used specified names such as :Aztecs Population in “U.S.” - 1842: 10M, by 1800 600,000, by 1900 250,000 - Decline due to warfare, disease (from Europe i.e. measles, smallpox), and displacement Population Today - 341 Federally recognized tribes and reservations - 2 % of U.S. land - 24 tribes in Arizona (25% of state land) - About 3M (25% live on reservations) Three major Govt. Approaches to Tribes - Get them out of the way - Assimilate them (Teach them English, get them out of reservations) - Assist them toward self-sufficiency (Casinos) Get Them Out of the Way Indian Removal Act 1830 Congressional Act - Move all native Americans west of Miss. River (including Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee…) - Moved to what’s now Oklahoma - Thousands died in route Treaty with Sioux 1868 - Govt. agreed to not allow white settlers to hunt Great Sioux Reservation (S. Dakota); Sioux agreed to give up other lands - Custer reported gold in the Black Hills - Sioux forced to sell Black Hills; 5 smaller reservations created Assimilate Them Boarding Schools 1840 - Children taken from reservations to boarding schools: Eskimos
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Soc260NotesUnit2 - Religion and Ethnicity Separation of...

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