TradColonialismNotes - rights to Africans leading to...

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European Colonialism of Africa Berlin Conference (1884-1885) Metropole indifference in Colonial Matters “Big Power Politics” Paternalistic Colonial Policy: spiritual mission, decision making done in metropole, denied political representation Disinterested in creating an African nation-state: African welfare Goasl: maintain law and order, foster obedience, defend political and economic interests of metropole (resources: gold, diamonds, ivory) Colonial state: indirect rule (limited European presence) White settlers maintained rights as if they lived in a Democracy: denied same
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Unformatted text preview: rights to Africans leading to rebellions • Primary motive: cheap labor and land • Established capitalism and “enforced bilateralism” (int’l trade oriented around metropole, metropole controlled important sectors of colonial export economy, colonial policies reflected interest of various metropolitan firms and industries) • Economic growth benefited Europeans only The Civil rights Movement and American Law • Education o Black denied to attend white schools o Plessy v. Ferguson Video...
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TradColonialismNotes - rights to Africans leading to...

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