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Annotated Bibliography Topic Proposal: I plan to talk about the institution of marriage and how divorce has become accepted into our society while we still harbor the idea of a life long marriage. The roles of men and women and the responsibilities they take on in the marriage greatly impact the success and well-being of both spouses. In today’s society, the concept and understanding of what a marriage is, can be a great determinant of the stability and happiness of a marriage. I plan to present my argument by using sources that support the growing acceptance of divorce in our society and how especially women affect the well- being of a marriage. Hall, Scott. “Marital Meaning.” Journal of Family Issues. 27.10 (Oct.2006): 1437-1438. The author explains the efforts made by people today to have a stable marriage due to the increase in divorce in the United States and the reports of less positive feelings in marriages. The qualities and behavior that go into a stable marriage have slowly drifted away and more so misunderstood. The author presents a great idea about how people understand marriage is often directly related to the success and functioning of their marriage. “Marriage/Divorce Analysis.” The Factbook:Eye-Opening Memos on Everything
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Annotated Bibliography - Annotated Bibliography Topic...

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