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Final Project Proposal For the final project I was going to talk about R.F.I.D. technology with a main focus on medical and military uses. Since there are two other people in the class already using R.F.I.D.'s for their final project, I am changing my topic and am now researching the advancement of the touchscreen as it applies to daily life as well its use in the military. A main area of focus would be on the new Microsoft Surface which is a table with the table top being a touchscreen monitor. It can be used in restaurants for use of ordering food or in stores and can be used to compare features of two or more electronic items, such as cell phones. When the electronic item is placed on the Surface, the features of the item appear in a window next to the item. You are also able to do such things as transfer pictures from a phone to a camera with a simple flick of the wrist.
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Unformatted text preview: After I talk about normal day uses of the touchscreen, I am then going to discuss how it is used in the military and in other branches of government. Television shows such as C.S.I. use touchscreens to rearrange evidence photos on the screen and to manipulate photos to get a better understanding of what may have happened at a particular crime scene. As for the military, there is a commercial about how secret services use touchscreens to monitor different aspects of the military like the locations of ships and planes. This all seems very interesting to me how one piece of technology can be used by regular people to do such things as order a hoagie from Wawa, while the people in charge of protecting the country are using the same piece of technology to do their jobs, although way more advanced than simply placing an order....
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