smartups - "Smartups" Rob Ryan's book,...

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“Smartups” Rob Ryan’s book, “ smartups” is a book about the entrepreneurial process of developing a product, starting a company, and how to make that company successful. The first chapter of the book starts off the whole thing by talking about wanna-be’s. There are seven categories of wanna-be’s: quickie, wonderful wacky MBA, send money, dreamers, one-stripe zebra, technoid, guts and brains. The kind of wanna-be you want to be is a guts and brains because they are the ones who have the best chance to succeed and are the ones who will go after their dream and not back down. A quick summary was given of each type of wanna-be, which further shows why the guts and brains type is what you want to be going in so you have a chance to improve your business. There are five core values for entrepreneurs that you must have to be successful and boost your business: be intelligent, have initiative, have integrity, heart, and willpower. The second chapter is titled “Do the Dogs like the Dog food”, the point of this chapter is examining if the customers you are striving to please will actually like your product and want to buy it. Rob Ryan gives his “four step dance” to making sure the product will be a good one. The dance includes calling prospects for feedback, modifying the product based on feedback, building the model, and selling it. Chapter three is one of the most important chapters in the book because it talks about The Sunflower Model. The center of the sunflower is the company’s core competency, the petals are the products and markets, and the stem is the underlying assumptions. Entrepreneurs should follow their sunflower model through all their successes and woes because it is the base of the company and will always prevail. The sunflower has all the general information that your company needs to provide information to customers and VC’s. Chapter 4 talks more about the center of the
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sunflower and how you need to be able to answer the key questions that companies will ask during meetings. Chapter 5 relates to Chapter 4 because it talks about which venture capitalists you should strive to meet and make relations with. This chapter gives a step- by-step guide to what your slideshow should look like and how to respond to the different kinds of popular answers you will get after the presentation. Chapter 6 is a basic chapter
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smartups - "Smartups" Rob Ryan's book,...

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