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VERIFICATION OF VIEWING INTRODUCTORY to NRNP and PRAC 6531 Zoom Meeting For all Walden NP students taking NRNP and PRAC 6531: 1.How many patients must I log this quarter?100 2.How many hours must I complete this quarter?160 3.Do I need to document all patients I see?yes 4.What ages can my SOAP note be on?18 and up 5.Do I need a specific type of patient to do my SOAP on?yes 6.What documents are required when uploading SOAP notes?Word file and PDF file with signature 7.How long does my instructor have to grade my assignments?10 days from due date 8.How do I find my instructor’s feedback on assignments?Under the rubric 9.How often should I check the announcements, email and doc sharing? Daily with a minimum of every 48 hours 10.Do I need to log all my patients, even if I have reached the minimum required?yes 11.How long do I have before logging my patients in Meditrek after seeing them?48 hours 12.When is the earliest I can finish clinical without special permission?Week 6 13.I can see patients age18
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