03-04-08 Notes Ch. 11

03-04-08 Notes Ch. 11 - 03-04-08 Western Civ Since...

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03-04-08 Western Civ Since Renaissance Ch. 11 Notes Famine and Population -end of 13 th century, changing weather patterns “little ice age” -resulted in shortened growing seasons and heavy storms, constant rain; destroyed harvests, caused serious food shortages -estimated 10% of European population died during first half of 14 th century -great increase in population in High Middle Ages -by 1300, Europe reached upper limit of its population in number of people who could be supported by agricultural production and technology -movement of overpopulated rural areas to urban locations; increased numbers of poor people in cities -famine lead to chronic malnutrition, causing grater infant mortality, lower birthrates, and higher susceptibility to disease The Black Death -mid 14 th century; most devastating natural disaster in European history; originated in Asia -bubonic plague spread by rats infested with fleas who were host to deadly bacterium Yersinia pestis -symptoms: high fever, aching joints, swelling of lymph nodes, dark blotches caused by bleeding beneath the skin -least toxic form of plague, but still killed 50%-60% of victims Spread of the Plague -first major epidemic to hit Europe since 7 th century -reached Europe in October 1347 in Sicily; spread to southern France and Spain by end of 1347,
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03-04-08 Notes Ch. 11 - 03-04-08 Western Civ Since...

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