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Study Sheet 2 - Basic Concepts Be sure that you understand...

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Basic Concepts : Be sure that you understand the following concepts from class so far: Fluvial processes, streamflow, sediment transport, and floods Groundwater, groundwater resources, overuse of groundwater, groundwater polution Terminology : Be sure you fully understand the terms defined in lecture and in your assigned reading. So far we have defined the following terms in lecture: From the section on Stream flow, Sediment Transport, and floods a Fluvial-stream related processes Stream- channel of flowing water(gravity or topography) Dissolved Load (Solution)- solid that is dissolved in the water Suspended Load- solids held up in the water by turbulence, particles never touch the bottom Bed Load- big sediments, that are rolled, bounced and dragged along the stream River-network of streams Sediment Transport- sediment being transported via the fluvial system Sediment Load- bed load and suspension Stream Capacity- the total amount of sediment that a stream can carry, dictated by discharge Erosion-displacement of solids by water, or air. Hydraulic Action- lifting removal of the bed load, type of fluvial erosion Abrasion- friction of rock + water Base Level- where a stream no longer erodes sediment Aggradation or Deposition- when the stream load is greater than the stream capacity, and builds up the surface below Alluvium- sediments deposited by running water Alluvial Fan- fan shaped area where the water usually from a flash flood runs off. Usually from the exit from a canyon Delta- Deposition at ultimate base level Distributaries- a stream that branches off from the main stream channel Drainage Basin- Region drained by a length of stream channel defined by the watershed
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Study Sheet 2 - Basic Concepts Be sure that you understand...

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