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Study Sheet 3 - Basic Concepts: Be sure that you fully...

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Basic Concepts : Be sure that you fully understand the following concepts from class so far: Consumptive and non-consumptive uses of water. The supply of water to the city of Denver. The water treatment and waste-water treatment processes. Glaciers (alpine and continental) and glacial movement/mass balance. Salinity, shorelines, tides, and waves. Terminology : Be sure you fully understand the terms defined in lecture and in your assigned reading. So far we have defined the following terms in lecture: From Water Use Lectures: a Consumptive Water Use- use=depletion of water volume Agricultural Use- farming. 90% of total water use Domestic Use- drinking and life. 208 gallons per day in Colorado. Zaire 4.5 Denver Water Department- They control water supply to denver Conjunctive Water Use- use of ground water and surface water. Denver uses no groundwater Trans-basin Diversions- Move water from one drainage basin to another. Use a really big tunnel 24 tunnels Western Slope Water (Colorado River Basin)- from tributaries to Colorado river
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Study Sheet 3 - Basic Concepts: Be sure that you fully...

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