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Class Notes 02-11-08 - -Machiavelli said to the...

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-Machiavelli said to the prince “don’t count on fortune/luck” -luck can’t be explained, it can’t be controlled, therefore it cannot be relied upon -what do you do instead? Gets controversial: do what you need to do no matter what if there’s a greater issue at stake -Italian word vertu=skill, strength of mind, savagery, good customs, prowess, personal strength, energy, honor -“where there are good laws, there are good arms, and where there are good arms there are good laws” -connection between military system and law system -to have a strong army, you need money (taxes), discipline, code of behavior, loyalty, enforceable laws that make the alternative to fighting unacceptable, safe/reliable trade routes, skilled craftsmen being compensated for the goods they’re producing -Machiavelli’s principles used widely in various corporations (lies, manipulation, exaggeration of the truth) - Protestant Reformation -developments before 1500
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