Cogn 21 final review

Cogn 21 final review - Final Review Final exam will be...

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Final Review Final exam will be slightly cumulative. Questions from last quarter are not difficult ones. Questions may come on lecture materials that were not covered on Midterm. You may have a choice of 2 and pick 1 for long essay Know Genre Films we watched… o High school, Frederick wiseman, 1968 o Land without bread, Luis Bunnel, 1932 o Nanook of the north, Robert Flaherty, 1922 o The River, Pare Lorentz, 1937 o Rain, Joris IVens, 1929 o Body Beautiful, Ngozi Onwarah, 1991 o Tongues United, Marlon o Mothligh, Stan Brakhage, 1963 o o Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock, 1954 o Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock, 1958 o Removed, Naomi Uman, 1999 o Illusions, Julie Dash, 1982 o Looking for Langston, Isaac Julien, 1988 Expository Documentary (ch. 6) The River, Pare Lorentz, 1937 (Miss. River run thru the U.S.) Verbal commentary, “voice of god” narration; male, authoritarian (facts E.g. National Geographic) Talks to the viewer: “look at…” Argumentative logic/rhetorical frame One perspective lacking individuality “it” Addresses the viewer directly Heavy use of metaphor/poetic Image/sound relationship- images respond to the sound Evidentiary editing – crossing time and space (different locality: night/day) Poetic/Impressionist Documentary Rain (Regen) Stylized/aestheticized Lyrical Uses strong musical elements in soundtrack Blurs fact and fiction – is it one rain shower or 4 months of rain showers? Does not follow continuity style in establishing space Graphical/logical matches (all about the rain: establishing coming and happening)
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Observational Doc High School This mode is often described as a critical response to the expository form, renouncing its moralist tone and rejecting its disembodied, authoritative “voice of god” Highly visual approach, shot tells the story
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Cogn 21 final review - Final Review Final exam will be...

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