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9/5 Northwest Passage Thought this was an easier way then going around South America. France wanted to find the way around by going north, looking for a shortcut or a big river, French explorer went all the way up to Maine but didn’t find a way around. He said that America’s east coast is a lot like France and he found a place to settle. Acadia “Nova Scotia,” “ Newfoundland”, French established a crude colony for people to stay and fish, less developed people there, trade between Indians and the French made the colony thrive. It was a wealthy colony, valuable commodity in fur, becomes not just a fishing center but also a center of trade to North America, first great success for France. Samuel de Champlain most important early French figure, job was to establish settlement and trade in now Quebec, discovered more fur and Indians with connections to the west, made company trading posts and didn’t conquer the people, missionaries established settlement in Montreal, New France company treats the natives very well,
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