HIST IDS 8-29 thru 9-24

HIST IDS 8-29 thru 9-24 - 8/29 Orbis Terrarum Globe of the...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/29 Orbis Terrarum Globe of the World, Island of the World, It was the European idea of the world they lived on. They knew about Western Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia. They believed that the world was a lot of water and very little land. The religious and scientific belief about the world was the same. The Orbis Terrarum was inseparable from Christianity and that the gospel was taken to all nations of the world. Utopia "No place" or "Place that does not exist", A book that describes a perfect society placed in the new world. The society was better than in Europe. It was the first book about the Americas Prince Henry the Navigator , He established a resource center for scientific exploration. He was sent around the coast of Africa and set up trading posts along the way Prester John Mythological African nation, Prester John was a mythological Christian African nation that was the nations name along with the kings name. It was supposed to be very wealthy and hold a lot of gold. The Portuguese were looking for it so because they needed the gold to advance their nation. 8/31 Treaty of Saragossa (1529) Treaty between Spain and Portugal , the Pope forced Spain and Portugal to a treaty to divide the world into eastern and western hemispheres where Spain would get one side and Portugal would get the other. The division only included non-Christian countries. This treaty shows that at that time the Christian king had the right to overrule the rights of any other. Just War Righteous war , the Just War was the Righteous war and was fought on religious grounds. It was the war of conversion. When they would come upon new people a priest would come out and read a statement, tell them the Christian history and information on the religion, tell them to convert and if they did they would be treated well. They then told them that what would happen if they resisted and then they would be conquered. Hernan Cortes Cortes was allowed to conquer a certain region and establish himself as lord. The king of Spain would get 20% of the profits he made. He was an entrepreneur carrying a weapon as well as a successful soldier in Cuba. Cortes received a contract to establish contact between the Aztecs in Mexico and the king of Spain. He abandons contact with Spain and proceeds to conquer the Aztecs with about 200 men against the 10 million Aztecs. The reason for his success was the superior European and military technology along with many potential allies with enslaved Incans. As a result of the enslaved Incans his army was primarily Incan. Another with enslaved Incans....
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HIST IDS 8-29 thru 9-24 - 8/29 Orbis Terrarum Globe of the...

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