HIST IDS 9-10 thru 9-21

HIST IDS 9-10 thru 9-21 - 9/10 Massachusetts Bay Company...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/10 Massachusetts Bay Company ⇒ arrived in 1630, Around the new England area, where now Boston is, started by Puritans, know what is going on (furs, fishing, farming)Joint Stock Company, Use company to establish a Puritan Community outside the reach of England, put John Winthrop in charge, now the Puritan authority in America “City on a Hill” ⇒ What Massachusetts bay must become, be visible to the world and England, has to be a perfect puritan society, it inspired the Puritans with a sense of holy duty that would be crucial if they wanted to increase their chances of survival in the New World, they are there for the church and for Puritanism to develop, not a refuge, transplant English puritan society to American, create an Utopia by example, not by force, Puritans coming to America came as a community and family for religious and economical success, join the community you will get land, have a thriving economic position from the start, growth is exponential, towns multiply, they move west Freemen ⇒ someone who joins the Puritan community and allowed to vote, Winthrop changed the charter so freemen had to be Puritan, Puritans can now only vote and can choose the governor Assistants ⇒ elected by freemen initially, work with the governor, they will pass the civil laws in the community Antinomian ⇒ leaders Roger William, Anne Hutchinson, they preached the idea that having the personal experience needed to join the Puritan church is more important than the community aspects, was bad for the church and the “city on the Hill”, John Winthrop disapproved along with local preachers Pequot ⇒ relative new comers, dominated other tribes in the area, competing with Puritans for land, leads to war with Puritans, seen as the devil by the Puritans 9/12 Virginia Company of London ⇒ Pocahattan ⇒ Bound men ⇒ House of Burgesses...
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HIST IDS 9-10 thru 9-21 - 9/10 Massachusetts Bay Company...

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