RUSS 8-29 Early History and Domestic life

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Russian 8/29 The Seven Eras of Russian History 1. Ancient/Neolithic (till about 850) 2. Kievan Rus (about 850 – 1240) 3. Appanage Russia/ The Mongol Era (1240 – 1450) 4. Muscovite Era (1450 – 1689) 5. Imperial Russia (1700 – 1917) 6. Soviet Russia (1917 – 1991) 7. Post Soviet Russia (1991 – present) 1) Review Early Russian History a) From Kiev to Mongols to Muscovy i) 862 – The Rus Ulga ii) 988 – Christianity Vladimir chooses a religion for Russia, grandson of Ulga, researches Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Chose Eastern Orthodox Christianity iii) 1240 – 1480: Mongol Invasion and occupation Ghangas Kahn invades Russia (1223) but leaves. In 1240 Kahn Matu invades and stays for 250 years, Causes Russia to miss out on the Reformation, the Renaissance and other cultural advancements the western Europe were going through, leads Russia to consistently being behind culturally from the rest, left a model of centralized authoritarian leadership, only force to subdue Russia (i.e.
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