RUSS 8-31 The Domostroi and Peter the Great

RUSS 8-31 The Domostroi and Peter the Great - Great, tall,...

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2) a) i) ii) iii) iv) The Role of Christian values/orthodoxy, saints and sinners Women could become a nun, but they couldn’t hold any other occupation. The terem made women look saintly, Women were seen as sexually dangerous and men feared women. Women were blamed for many things b) The Domostroi document written about women but they were instructions for men and rules for the upper class i) Emphasis fear of god, obedience of god were both necessary in keeping a healthy society, men were instructed to beat their wives but not excessively c) Patriarchy and autocracy common everywhere i) Patriarchy controlled by males, in society and in families ii) Autocracy is a political system where there is the uncontested rule by one person. The Autocrat answers to no one 3) Russia and Peter I (1689 – 1725)
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Unformatted text preview: Great, tall, ship builder, other carpentry skills, and dentistry, energetic and skillful. a) Background His father was Tsar who had 13 kids between 2 wives, his father dies and Peter takes control at age of 10, the family of the other wife that wasnt Peters mother led a coup and killed many people in Peters family, he lived away from the palace. He takes power by himself at 17, prior to this he was sharing control with his half sister/half brother or mother b) Why was he The Great he was a westernizer and modernizer i) Peter brought change to Russia, liked new stuff, made a huge navy when there wasnt one before, changed the traditional Russian dress to a more western look, he changed buildings, and made men shave their beards...
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