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RUSS 9-10 Catherine the Great and her son Paul

RUSS 9-10 Catherine the Great and her son Paul - e...

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2) Continue Catherine the Great’s Russia a) Education   allowed high class women to get tutored more, believed in education, the  academy of science is revitalized, more scholars, opened up more high schools b) Language and literature   produced 75,000books, she revolutionized printing in Russia,  published her own children’s book (the first in Russia) c) Art and Culture   responsible for developing a Russian theater, collected huge amounts  of art d) Women   she didn’t do much for women, she modernized domesticity but didn’t change  femininity, women could get formal training in delivering babies, could inherit land too,  Catherine opened up orphanages for people to leave there babies if they couldn’t  support them, the orphanages were used to teach kids the non-vulgar side of Russia
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Unformatted text preview: e) Assessment/criticism ⇒ doesn’t do anything for serfs, more peasants have been enserfed, she doesn’t do anything to change the fundamental systems of Russia, books censored, jailed people that wrote or talked bad about her, made a statue as a tribute to Peter the Great, criticize for her hypocrisy after the French revolution, doesn’t do much for women f) Catherine’s son Paul ⇒ he hates Catherine, she wasn’t much of a mother to Paul, she decided who he would marry, Catherine took Paul’s two eldest sons and groomed them, he reverses all of Catherine’s reforms when he comes to power, makes a law that a female can’t reign again, Paul doesn’t rule long one of his eldest sons leads a successful coup....
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