RUSS 9-14 Women and the Church

RUSS 9-14 Women and the Church - i) Comfort ⇒ source of...

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2) Women and the Church a) Defined and reinforce patriarchy   emphasized patriarchy, women to be the moral  center of the home through marriage i) Gender difference   impose equality of fidelity ii) Saints and sinners iii) Supported Marriage b) Impose a moral code   imposed harsh laws, fidelity i) Controlled marriage and divorce   allowed to divorce unlike most European  countries at this time c) Source of comfort and/or empowerment
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Unformatted text preview: i) Comfort ⇒ source of comfort for women, peasants, and during tragedies ii) Festivity and ritual ⇒ many festivals and religious events that helped women keep busy by cooking, making costumes, and gave women respondsibility iii) Creativity ⇒ brought on by festivities iv) Meaning ⇒ in meaningless conditions v) Personal achievement ⇒ women allowed to be nuns vi)...
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