RUSS 9-24 After Alexander II assassination and Alexander III

RUSS 9-24 After Alexander II assassination and Alexander...

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1. Russia post 1881 retaliation   On march 1, 1881 Alexander II was assassinated, The  People’s Will had a bomb under the road and threw a bomb at the carriage, also had  guns a. The People’s Will, Repression to Results   government cracked down and many  people’s will members were arrested and hung, Vera Figner is leader of people’s  will after Sophia is hung, she is caught and imprisoned for life but gets out after  20 years, the assassination of Alexander II left the masses stunner and opposed 
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Unformatted text preview: to the terrorist actions b. Alexander III ⇒ more repressive, more reactionary, more harsh than Alexander II, leads retaliation against terrorists, returns to the idea of official nationality, develops the secret police (Okrana), brings back censorship, restricts universities, result is more radicalization, doesn’t reduce revolutionaries but puts it under ground for awhile...
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