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Unformatted text preview: 09-11-07 Introduction To Sociology Study Guide Ch. 2 Research Process Steps 1. Define the problem, 2. Review previous research, 3. Develop one or more hypotheses, 4. Determine the research design, 5. Define the sample and collect data, 6. Analyze the data and draw conclusions, and 7. Prepare the research report Social Surveys large numbers of people can be surveyed with questionnaires; data can be quantified and comparisons among groups can be made; measures can be taken at different points; disadvantages: surveys do not leave room for answers that may not fir the standardized categories, response rates may be low, and respondents may give false info or responses they thing the researcher wants to hear Participant Observation when researchers enter into a group’s activities and observes the group members; allows people to be observed in their natural environments; provides a more in-depth understanding of the people being studied; hypotheses and theories can be developed and changes as the...
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