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09-27-07 Introduction To Sociology Vocab Ch. 3 KEY TERMS -culture -all that human beings learn to do, to use, to produce, to know and to believe as they grow to maturity and live out their lives in the social groups to which they belong -culture shock -the difficulty people have adjusting to a new culture that differs markedly from their own -ethnocentrism -practice in which people often make judgments about other cultures according to the customs and values of their own -cultural relativism -the recognition that social groups and cultures must be studied and understood on their own terms before valid comparisons can be made -material culture -consists of human technology-all the things human beings make and use, from small handheld tools to skyscrapers -nonmaterial culture -the totality of knowledge, beliefs, values, and rules for appropriate behavior -norms -the rules of behavior that are agreed upon and shared within a culture and that prescribe limits of acceptable behavior -mores -strongly held norms that usually have a moral connotation and are based on the central values of
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