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Unformatted text preview: 12-16-07 Introduction To Sociology Vocab Ch. 12KEY TERMS-incest taboo-forbids intercourse among closely related individuals-nuclear family-the most basic family form and is made up of a married couple and their biological or adopted children-polygamous families-nuclear families linked together by multiple marriage bonds, with one central individual married to several spouses-polygynous family-a polygamous family in which the central person is male and the multiple spouses are female-polyandrous family-a polygamous family in which the central person is female and the multiple spouses are male-extended families-include other relations and generations in addition to the nuclear family, so that among with married parents and their offspring, there may be the parents’ parents, siblings of the parents, the siblings’ spouses and children, and in-laws-patrilineal system-the generations are tied together through the males of a family; all members trace their kinship through father’s line-matrilineal system...
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